50 mL Vials with 50 mL of  Liquid TSB - 2X with Color Tracer (12-Pack) Customize Your Verification Procedures Assessment Technique Form

50 mL Vials with 50 mL of Liquid TSB - 2X with Color Tracer (12-Pack)

The VM-50C is a 50 mL vial containing 50 mL media for dilution. It is available in bulk as a practice subject and for the design of a custom hazardous compounding technique verification exercise that simultaneously verifies the containment and aseptic technique of CSP operatives.

For the aseptic technique portion of the verification, all ChemoTEQ products are double-strength sterile Trypticase-soy broth. They are used to promote the growth of many common aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms. This medium also contains a non-inhibitory color tracer, used to visualize any leakage that occurs during the compounding process as the verification of the containment phase of the challenge. These products are of particular value as practice subjects for skills development, because they allow operatives to immediately recognize practices that lead to the release of drug products into the environment.



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