Customize Your Verification Procedures and Instruction Sheets

Enter the following information as you would like it to appear at the top of your Verification Instruction Sheet:

Medium-Risk RL-2 Kit Verification

Step 1: Select Transfer Method

Option 1:

Select the method you normally use for transferring bulk solutions when compounding TPNs:

Option 2:

Select the source and size. If you are using a compounder, select Sterile Water for Injection and the bag or bottle size you normally use. If you select any other method of bulk transfer, you may select Normal Saline or Sterile Water for Injection, and indicate any bag or bottle size which is 50mL or greater.

Select source solution and container:
Select one:

Option 3: Select Final Container for TPM Simulation

This bag or bottle will be the final container for your simulated TPN. If you use an automated compounder, you must use a compounder bag. If you use both bags and bottles in your practice, select Bag for this option, select Yes for Option 4, and select the bottle in option 6. This allows you to incorporate both types of final container into your verification exercise.

Select one:

Option 4: Only applicable if a you did NOT select a transfer set in Option 1, and you wish to incorporate the use of a transfer set into your verification.)

Choose Yes if:

  • connecting tubing of any kind and/or using transfer sets commonly in your practice, but you are using a compounder
  • use a bag in Option 1 and wish to incorporate the use of a bottle, as well
Do you connect a transfer set to the final container and prime?

Step 2 through 9: Select Transfer Method

Option 5:

Do you use dispensing pins in your institution?

Step 10

Option 6: (Only applicable if you answered Yes to Option 4)

Choose one:

Option 7:

You may incorporate the use of a repeating syringe by selecting this option.

Do you attach a repeating syringe to the bag/bottle which does not have a transfer set attached and dispense one each 10mL aliquot into each of three empty sterile vials?

Option 8:

Choose this option if you wish to include PCA cassette preparation or increase the complexity of your procedure by including syringe preparation.

From the bag/bottle which does not have a transfer set attached, do you withdraw three each 10mL aliquots?

Option 9: (Only applicable if you answered Yes to Option 8)

Do you dispense the aliquots prepared in the previous step into three separate PCA cassettes?

Additional Steps:

If there is any other process you want to include in your procedure, you may list it here exactly as you want the instruction to appear. Be aware that the total volume of growth-medium produced in steps 1 through 9 is 100mL and take into account any medium used in any steps after 9 that you have included.

Additional Materials:

If you specified any additional steps above, list any additional tools and materials required, so that they can be added to the Materials List in your procedure.