10 mL Amuples of Liquid TSB - 2X (12-Pack)

10 mL Amuples of Liquid TSB - 2X (12-Pack)

As the most vulnerable packaging form and sterile pathway, the ampule represents the greatest challenge to the routine manipulative technique of operatives. The mishandling of the ampule constitutes a major cause of contamination of compounded sterile products. Because ampules used in the admixture process require careful observance of the correct staging, disinfection, opening, and extraction procedures, as well as the use of appropriate filtration, a practice that reveals sterility failures due to ampule mishandling is essential.

The VM-10A contains 10 mL of double-strength Trypticase-soy broth. It may be used to provide practice experience or validation of ampule compounding procedures and manipulative techniques.



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