20 mL Vials of Powdered TSB - 2X (12-Pack)

20 mL Vials of Powdered TSB - 2X (12-Pack)

The reconstitution of sterile powders requires additional skills, most especially the newer protein-based classes of drugs that may be destroyed by any shaking, and which have characteristic caking tendencies. Mastery of the reconstitution of these drugs requires considerable dexterity and practice.

The use of the VM-20R provides compounding personnel with a realistic simulation of aseptic reconstitution of sterile powders, as well as a method of validating this essential manipulative technique. The VM-20R contains sterile Trypticase-soy powder to reconstitute 20 mL of double-strength Trypticase-soy broth in an amber vial as an additional challenge to operative skills.



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