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Lab Safety Corporation

Lab Safety Corporation was founded in 1979 as an FDA-registered testing laboratory providing end-product testing, as well as design, testing, and certification of engineering controls for clean spaces and containment systems.

In 1980, in cooperation with the Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital, Lab Safety developed the IV Admixtures Validation and Monitoring System for IV pharmacies. This system introduced a complete IV Admixtures Process Audit that assures a closed-loop, outcome-driven quality assurance program for hospital and home healthcare pharmacies. This program remained in operation in major Chicago area hospital pharmacies until 2006.

Lab Safety Corporation HeadquartersLab Safety Corporation has the experience and currency to assist you in determining the appropriate level of complexity for your validation program and organizing and upgrading your policies, procedures, and facilities as well. The time-proven, validated VALITEQ and ChemoTEQ Aseptic Technique Training and Validation Systems will produce definitive outcomes, along with the analysis required for meaningful corrective action plans to assure documented Quality Improvement within the scope of your CSP Quality Management Program. The Lab Safety Corporation Validation and Monitoring Program for IV Admixtures has incorporated such measures since 1980 and now brings this successful program to Pharmacies nationwide.

About Our Products


Over the past 27 years, we have developed an extensive product line to support all aspects of hospital, clinical, and home healthcare CSP operations.

Our Aseptic Technique Validation System is a complete format for the initial and periodic verification of the aseptic technique of CSP operatives and support personnel. Our training and verification tools provide the CSP Pharmacy with the methods required to achieve full USP <797> compliance.

VALITEQ®, ChemoTEQ™, and ATTACK II™ systems are designed in accordance with USP <797>, JCAHO, and ASHP guidelines.

Documentation Management Software is an up-to-date, Java-based quality management tool.

EnviroAssay™ assures complete, uncomplicated active and passive microbial and particulate monitoring for about 20 percent of the cost of competitive systems.

ChemoTEQ™ offers advanced training and validation for compounding hazardous drugs and complies with both OSHA training and validation requirements and the NIOSH Alert.

SteriTEQ™, SteriQUOT™, ThioTEQ™, and ThioQUOT™ facilitate USP <71> methods for the sterility testing of your end-products.