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Complete, Closed-Loop, Quality Management System for Compounded Sterile Products

Proper use of the VALITEQ®, ChemoTEQ™, and SteriTEQ™ compounding validation systems assures quality management of your CSP programs in accordance with the USP Standard <797>. Our pharmacy-friendly systems will produce outcomes which are necessary to demonstrate Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and quality assurance of your pharmacy and non-pharmacy CSP programs and activities. In addition, this standardization of your CSP activities will improve the morale of CSP operatives and simplify your routine quality data acquisition tasks.

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NIOSH Compliance


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Safe Compounding of
Hazardous Drugs Manual

ChemoTEQ™ Hazardous Compounding Verification Kit


Incubation and reporting services are now available for all Valiteq Aseptic Technique Verification kits. Simply return the completed testing cultures to Lab Safety in our specially-designed return containers for complete development and reporting, to be used as evidence of compliance with the newly-revised U.S.P. Standard <797>.

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