ThioQUOT™ (12-Pack)

ThioQUOT™ (12-Pack)

ThioQUOT is a USP <71> compliant anaerobic assay used as a pharmacy-friendly sterility test for anaerobic and facultative aerobic microbial contamination in SVP and syringe CSPs. ThioQUOT consists of an alternative Thioglycolate USP concentrate to which 5mL of a sample of the CSP end-product may be added. The ThioQuot vial incorporates an oxygen-free gas sheath to maintain the required anaerobic environment within the test vial. Incubates in a conventional aerobic incubator at 25-30 degrees C.

Minimum Sample Volumes

Please consult the following chart adapted from USP <71> for minimum sample volumes per medium:

CSP Final Volume

Minimum Sample mL per Medium

< 1 mL

Entire container

1-40 mL

50% of container, but not less than 1 mL

> 40 to <100 mL

20 mL

> 100 mL

10% of container, but not less than 20 mL



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