SteriMS™ Aerobic Sterility Testing Medium

SteriMS™ Aerobic Sterility Testing Medium

The SteriMS™ Aerobic Sterility Testing Medium is available in supplemental packages of 12 units each.

This product is meant for use with the ExtenDATE™ Sterility Testing System, a complete, USP<71> - compliant sterility-testing solution for Small-Volume Parenteral (SVP) Compounded Sterile Products (CSPs) that are not inhibitory and do not produce cloudiness or precipitates.**
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** In order to test small-volume CSPs containing penicillins or cephalosporins using USP<71> methods, an appropriate quantity of pre-assayed, sterile Beta-lactamase may be aseptically added to the sample Piggy-back source container prior to obtaining the test sample in order to inactivate the antibiotic action, thus removing any antibiotic inhibition of the test. In this manner, the broadest range of small-volume CSPs possible may be assayed as appropriate to extend expiration dating.



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