AllerTEQ 1C  Aseptic Technique Test Kit

AllerTEQ 1C Aseptic Technique Test Kit

The AllerTEQ 1C Kit provides all of the growth-medium, diluent, and final test vials required to conduct an individual verification of aseptic technique for personnel performing dilutions of allergy medications. 

The kit includes:

  • 1 VM-10S, 10 mL Vial of Double Strength Trypic Soy Broth
  • 1 VM-ALD, 10 mL Vial of AllerTEQ Diluent
  • 1 VM-TSV, 20 mL Empty Test Sterile Vial as the Final Container
  • 1 Instruction and Observation Log Sheet
  • 1 Final Test Vial Label



Incubation & Reporting Services

Incubation and reporting services with glove fingertip test plates are available for this product. Simply return the completed testing cultures in our specially-designed return containers for complete development and reporting, to be used as evidence of compliance with USP <797>. Valiteq has decades of validated experience with growth-promotion testing, incubation, and containment procedures necessary to safely develop, enumerate, and dispose of pharmacy bacterial cultures. Benefit from our systems to assure and document the complete management of these demanding procedures.

To order incubation and reporting services, please email for a custom quote.

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