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Safe Compounding of
Hazardous Drugs Manual
Education Goals & Learning Objectives


The goal of this program is to provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to perform hazardous aseptic compounding procedures safely and effectively. The mission is to protect health and the environment.


Upon completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Summarize how protection of the product, personnel, and the environment is achieved through an
    integrated system of Engineering Controls, Barrier Techniques, and Special procedures.
  • Summarize the design and limitations of engineering controls which support the hazardous aseptic
    compounding process, and use them correctly.
  • Be able to summarize the purpose of barrier controls, and use them correctly.
  • Aseptically, accurately, and safely perform Containment Aseptic Manipulations.
  • Summarize the proper clean-up of spills, correct first aid and OSHA medical Surveillance and Hazard Communication requirements that apply to personnel compounding hazardous drugs.