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ThioQUOT is a USP <71>-compliant anaerobic assay used as a pharmacy-friendly sterility test for anaerobic and facultative aerobic microbial contamination in SVP and syringe CSPs. ThioQUOT consists of Alternative Thioglycolate USP concentrate to which 5mL of sample of the CSP end-product may be added. The ThioQuot vial incorporates an oxygen-free gas sheath to maintain the required anaerobic environment within the test vial. Incubates in a conventional aerobic incubator at 25-30 degrees C.

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Package of 12 Vials

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Minimum Sample Volumes

Please consult the following chart adapted from USP <71> for minimum sample volumes per medium:

CSP Final Volume

Minimum Sample mL per Medium

< 1 mL

Entire container

1-40 mL

50% of container, but not less than 1 mL

>40 to <100 mL

20 mL

> 100 mL

10% of container, but not less than 20 mL

Chart adapted from USP Chapter <71>; United States Pharmacopeial Convention, 2006


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