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Economy Incubator

Aerobic incubator manufactured in the US from 22 Ga steel.

Chamber dimensions: 11.5"W x
12"D x 13.5"H

Exterior is powder coated for scratch and stain resistance. Interior is easy-
to-clean aluminum. Incubator comes with a thermometer and one adjustable shelf as standard accessories.

Temperature settings range from ambient +10 degrees C to 90 degrees C. Includes a hydraulic thermostat for temperature control, and separate on/off switch. 115-volt analog incubators meet UL and CSA requirements; all 230 volt units are CE-marked.


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Lab Safety

Additional Information


Room temperature incubation of 22.5 degrees C is indicated by USP <71> for development of cultures containing Tryptic-Soy medium, however, cultures containing Alternative Thioglycolate Broth, USP, should be incubated at 32.5 degrees C.

The IN1 aerobic incubator is designed to incubate ThioTEQâ„¢ and ThioQUOTâ„¢ anaerobic and facultative aerobic cultures, and any other sterility and environmental testing products in accordance with USP <71>.


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