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BioCassette-MEA Soy Agar with no Development

The BioCassette (MEA) Soy Agar is designed for active airborne fungus and mold contaminant recovery, with timely development by the Lab Safety Environmental Lab, providing direct reporting of results to the tester or client by e-mail, including pricing for additional speciation as required for any over-limit testing results. This is a new device for air sampling that is designed to both simplify the sampling process, and to protect the integrity of the samples, compounding personnel, and the environment from sampling, through analysis. The BioCassette combines the agar plate and Andersen N-6 impactor design into a single, disposable cassette in a package that is roughly the size of a standard 90mm peteri dish. The BioCassette may be used in the USP <797>-required in-process sampling of hazardous drug compounding work surfaces and environments using the new CanistAIR™ D/A System without contamination of the pump, sampler, or return of the contaminated sampling airstream to the PEC device. The BioCassette is simpler, faster, less invasive, and cleaner than other active microbial sampling methods.

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The BioCassette-M contains Malt Extract Agar and provides up to a one cubic meter, active aerobiological sample of CSP areas for molds and fungi. Self-contained and simple to use with no cross-contamination or sampler cleaning issues.


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