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Medium Risk Level Technique Verification Kit

The RL-2 Medium Risk Level Technique Verification Kit simulates a wide range of compounding challenges and contains materials for three USP Medium-Risk Level (ASHP Risk-Level 2) exercises. In addition, the validation exercise should reflect the most complex process encountered and incorporate equipment and tools employed in various compounding tasks.


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All VALITEQ Media products are double-strength to allow for dilution, and all products meet USP requirements for growth-promotion in both the double-strength, and 1X normal dilutions.

This verification kit contains:

  1. Three 10 mL Ampules of Trypticase-Soy Broth, USP, 2X
  2. Three 10 mL Vials of Trypticase-Soy Broth, USP, 2X
  3. Three 20 mL Vials of Trypticase-Soy Powder, USP, 2X
  4. Three 30 mL Vials of Trypticase-Soy Broth, USP, 2X
  5. Three Final Container Labels
  6. One Set of Instructions and Sample Validation Exercises
  7. One Incubation and Observation Log


RL2 $126.50


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Three Sets per Kit

Lab Safety

Incubation and reporting services are now available for all Valiteq Medium Risk Level Technique Verification Kits. Simply return the completed testing cultures to Lab Safety in our specially-designed return containers for complete development and reporting, to be used as evidence of compliance with the newly-revised U.S.P. Standard <797>.

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