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Ask the Experts

Welcome To ‘Ask the Experts,’ an informative video series that provides the viewer with an on-demand discussion of important CSP topics. This series of interviews is provided to inform the viewer of the opinions of experts in the field of CSP compounding, and their support information. Please note that each expert’s interview is 1-2 hours in length. Simply select the desired video program title, enter the ‘PLAY’ command, and allow yourself the stated time required to fully absorb and enjoy its content.

CSP Interviews

INTERVIEW #1: USP Standard <797>and Pharmacy Education. An interview with Loyd V. Allen, Ph.D., Publisher and Editor of The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, and Editor of Remington’s Science and Practice of Pharmacy. Dr. Allen is also a member of the USP Chapter <797> Committee.

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INTERVIEW #2: Testing and Certification of CSP Rooms and Equipment. An Interview with Dr. William T. Weiss, Director of the Pharmacy Production Laboratory, for the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

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The views expressed are those of the expert participants, and are not necessarily those of The Lab Safety Corporation. These views are provided as an objective service to the Practitioner in order to better educate and familiarize CSP professionals with the latest concepts and insights.

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